ClariNotes Issue #11

## ClariNotes Issue #119043735397_860a48e25b_bThe single most important piece of equipment you should upgrade, which will give you the most noticeable improvement in tone, intonation, and resonance is not your clarinet, but instead the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece, reed, ligature, and barrel, have the greatest effect on how you sound and how you feel as a player. The mouthpiece and ligature that come with a clarinet when you buy a new instrument, even professional-quality instruments, are merely basic and beginner in quality. There are hundreds of types of mouthpieces and ligatures on the market. Clarinetists are always interested in what is new and innovative in the world of mouthpieces. The above models are what have worked for me and would be a good place to start. Make it a habit in your clarinet life to try new equipment as you strive for your perfect sound.I have added another issue to my [ClariNotes Newsletter]( outlining some equipment choices to consider.